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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Need help? Take a look at some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Who sets the property rules?

We provide standard property rules, but we will include any specific rules regarding your property that you wish. Our standard rules encompass the issues of excessive noise and smoking on or inside your property, but we will make adjustments based on your wishes. It is always your property and you remain in control.

Do you offer guest support?

As part of our fully managed service, the Lets Host For You team are available to your guests if they have questions or concerns about their stay or your property. We provide 9-5 communication, from the guests initial booking enquiry to check out and beyond. We also provide an emergency contact for out-of-hours. 

How do I know how my property is doing?

You will have access via the owner’s portal to monitor your listing.  Here you can see how your property is performing, as well as guest feedback, reviews, and total income.

What does Lets Host For You do?

Lets Host For You is a short-term let property management company. Our aim is to increase the income for your property on the major holiday booking platforms such as a Airbnb, Homeaway and

Why should I let my property for short term lets instead of traditional renting?

Quite simply, Flexibility and Increased Revenue. Compared to traditional renting, short-term letting on holiday sites such as Airbnb can potentially increase your revenue by up to 60% more. 

Why should I use Lets Host For You to manage my property?

We are here to host your property for you. I’m sure you agree, there are better things to do with your time. We offer a seamless end to end management service, from listing creation, price optimisation, professional photography, housekeeping, booking and calendar management, guest communications and more.  

What area do you cover?

We cover all of East Kent including, Margate, Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Sandwich, Deal and Whitstable. 

How do I get paid?

Payment is made at the beginning of each month, from your previous months bookings. Payments for each booking minus our fee will go directly into your account.

What if I want to stop?

There is an initial period of 3 months from signing on board. If at anytime you would like to stop after this time, you just need to give us 30 days notice. This is to allow us sufficient time to wind down any bookings.

I don't have an Airbnb account; do I need to set one up?

No need. We’ll set up a bespoke Airbnb listing for your property, including professional photography and word optimisation, designed to attract your target audience and maximise occupancy rates.

What if I already have an Airbnb account?

We take over full ownership of the account ensuring that the reviews you have worked so hard to achieve remain on the property listing.

From signing up with Lets Host For You, how long will it take to list my property?

This really depends on several factors, such as whether your property is in a ‘guest ready’ condition. We will make an informed assessment of your property during our review meeting; we will then be able to give a precise timeframe for marketing your home.

What does your 5* quality housekeeping include?

Our cleaning team will be provided with in depth cleaning instruction to meet the high standard we uphold.   This ensures consistency after every guest stay i.e. a full service clean, laundering of linens, re-stocking toiletries. 

How do you screen potential guests?

We insist on guests being SuperHog verified which means they will have to supply their government issued ID before booking. While we want to ensure maximum occupancy for our hosts, the safety of your property is paramount to us. Occasionally, there may be times where guests do not want to provide verification. In this rare case, we will read reviews given by other hosts, this always offers great insight into how they have treated properties they have stayed in. If this is not possible, our last resort is to go with what we feel is the safest option for your property. SuperHog is covered on all of our packages at no extra cost for you. 

How do guests check in?

With guests coming from various locations, we find many struggle to commit to a certain arrival time, so we provide them with flexibility surrounding their check-in by fitting  Lockboxes as part of our onboarding process. This ensures safe access for guests whilst not compromising the security of the property. We also hold a spare set of keys at our offices, just in case. That said, we will always go above and beyond for your guests and if they would prefer a personal check-in we’d be delighted to provide this (all to the benefit of your host rating!).

What if a guest causes damage to my home, am I insured?

Your standard building and contents insurance is unlikely to include host cover and Airbnb offer a guarantee, however, this is no substitute for insurance, and doesn’t come with the same safeguards and regulation. Whilst the vast majority of guests will leave your home in tip top condition, unforeseen issues can sometimes occur which is why we offer our Protection Package, which provides hosts with comprehensive insurance to give you full peace of mind. We have partnered with Guardhog, the home-sharing experts, to provide you with a bespoke insurance package at significantly less than you would pay direct.

Can I block out days in my calendar?

You will be provided access to your owner’s property portal. From there you can block out days, as and when you want, it’s your home after-all! If you’re flexible, it may be worth letting us know the dates first though. We’ll be able to advise you of any big events over those dates in your area, as it might make if worth your while to swap your plans. We’ll give you the information, then it’s up to you.

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